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  • 2 KM dari Bintaro X-Change
  • 5 Menit Entry / Exit Tol Pd. Aren – Bintaro
  • 5 Menit Stasiun KA Jurangmangu – Bintaro
  • Listrik Bawah Tanah
  • Luxurious Private Living & Security 24 Hours
  • 3 + 1 Bedroom
  • Master Bedroom + Walk-In Closet + Private Bathroom
  • Bangunan & Aksesoris Berkualitas
  • The modern aesthetic has been a cornerstone of contemporary design since it first rose to popularity in the mid-20th century. Whether you’ve come to know it best through its Scandinavian variant via IKEA or you’re simply a lover of modern pieces, there are elements of modern design that work well in just about any context, especially when it comes to bedroom decor.

    A key clarification is, of course, the difference between modern and contemporary design. Although the two words are often used interchangeably, in the design world they do, in fact, mean different things. Contemporary design typically represents e trends and aesthetics that are current, rooting this descriptor in the present moment. Because of that, contemporary can refer to different things at different times, such as the shag rugs in the ‘70s or the yellow-pine craze of the ‘80s. Both would have been considered contemporary styles at the time.

    Modern, on the other hand, refers to a specific aesthetic. While it is tied to a certain time period, its continued prevalence has made it a style all its own. Whether you’re hoping to completely revamp your sleeping quarters or simply try out the modern aesthetic, we’ve compiled a few ideas for how to bring a modern touch to your bedroom visit the website for more  info.


Type Ametta 

– 3+1 Bedrooms

– Bahan & Aksesoris Berkualitas


Type Devina

– 3+1 Bedrooms

– Bahan & Aksesoris Berkualitas

– Lebih Lebar


Type Hook

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